The R that didn’t make it.

I’ve been working on lettering and typography project, following on from my Exmouth Print. One the drop caps or illustrated initials that I need to illustrate is an fun ‘R’. I took inspiration loosely from the lettering on the iconic Golden Gallopers carousel on Brighton Pier. While the gorgeous hand-painted lettering on the ride has a jaunty, seaside feel, I need something a bit more ‘typographic’ but keeping that flamboyant style. Unfortunately the one above isn’t going to work in the overall design but I thought you might like to see it.

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Last night. (at Boca Chita)


Mad Men’s psychedelic premiere is tomorrow at 10|9c. Be there when the final season begins.




"Teach us to care and not to care. Teach us to sit still." T.S. Eliot
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Sketching for a new project #lettering


The golden sans project

Andrew from golden sans contacted us and told us about there project. Golden Sans is a documentation of the Gold Coast’s residential and urban signage by Art Director, Andrew Suggit, and explores the regions place-making through the lens of typography. Type which has stood the test of time; type which has forged the identity of the Gold Coast, and type which is eternally etched into the memories of anyone who has spent time on the Gold Coast. Environmental elements, such as signage, have helped shape the image of the Gold Coast, to both residents and visitors alike. Hotel, motel and residential signage form the visual representation of The Golden Sans Project, and pay homage to the heritage of this city.

Check out this project, it’s quite interesting and the signs and letterings are as well. We love it when typography is visible in our surrounding and gets its own character with the time.

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